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작성자 : 국립민속박물관
2008-01-04 조회수 : 773

An English Catalogue of the National Folk Museum of Korea 『The Collection of the National Folk Museum of Korea』has been published following after the publication of Korean version.

A prospect on the Korean Lifestyle
Themed by the life stories of Koreans, the catalogue closely reflects the life passage of Korean from the birth to the death. This publication is also a result of the museums' collecting activity for last 14 years after the re-location to the current museum building in 1993.
This catalogue will be a useful and accessible data to promote the Korean culture more vividly in an out of Korea and both English and Korean title with its pronunciations are equally given with entry number to help those who need detailed information on the collection.

The Story of our lives in Catalogue
In the catalogue, total of 638 representing items including several national designated cultural properties were selected to show the daily life of Korean among 85,000 collections. Consisted of 5 main chapters, ‘Sustaining Life’ - ‘Supporting Life’ - ‘Forming Life’ - ‘Enjoying Life’ - ‘Ending Life’, the composition of catalogue encompasses the themes as follows; Life, Housing, Clothing, Food, Agriculture, Commerce, Family, Education, Success, Religion, Entertainment, Hobbies, Handicrafts, Funeral, Ancestral Rites, etc. Representing images and brief outline are given to focus on the importance and the meaning of each object and outlines are written by the specialists of the NFMK together with the museum's collecting activities.
This catalogue will be a great resources to those who want to know about Korea more in-depth as well as those who want to introduce Korean culture abroad. The catalogue is available at the Museum shop of NFMK and major book stores.

 • Title :『The Collection of the National Folk Museum of Korea』

 • Size : A4 & Pocket book size
 • Page : A4 (328 pages), Pocketbook(224 pages)
 • Price : English [A4 Size(43,000 KW)/ Pocketbook (16,000KW)]
 • Places to buy : Museum Shop of the NFMK(02-735-6630) and other major book stores