• The National Folk Museum of Korea welcomes donations of life and culture-related materials owned by individuals or organizations in accordance with its aim of preserving and transmitting Korea’s traditional culture

Donation Period

  • Open all year round

Donation Items

  • All materials related to life and culture: photographs, film/video footage, documents, books, etc.

Donation Procedure

  1. 01. Application for Intention to Donate form
    • The donor applies for the Intention to Donate form by calling the museum or visiting it in person.
    • The museum consults with the donor and investigates the artifacts to be donated (condition, value, and other factors).
  2. 02. Artifact Acceptance and Donator Registration
    • The museum accepts donated artifacts based on the evaluation made by the Donated Artifacts Evaluation Committee and its internal meetings.
    • Each donated artifact is registered and the donor signs a receipt of temporary donation.
  3. 03. Acceptance Procedure
    • Donated artifacts are processed and a receipt of donation is issued to the donor.
  4. 04. Registration of Artifacts as a National Property
    • Registration of Artifacts

Donations may be rejected.

  • When there is doubt or controversy about the process of collection or the source of ownership of the artifact to be donated.
  • When the artifact to be donated is too severely damaged to be considered a valuable cultural property.
  • When a donor proposes conditions that are deemed unacceptable.

Treatment of Donated Artifacts

  • A donated artifact is designated as a Folk Relic in accordance with the Rules on Relics Regulation and permanently preserved.
  • A donated artifact is prioritized for display when a special exhibition related to the donated artifact is organized.
  • Upon reviewing the quantity and value of donated artifacts, a special exhibition may be planned.
  • When a donated artifact is highly valued as a cultural property, its designation as an Important Folk Material may be considered.

Donors’ Privileges

  • Donors are invited to important events at the National Folk Museum of Korea and issued with a membership card.
  • When a donated material is highly valued as a cultural property, a citation, a medal of honor or an award may be considered.
  • When a portrait is donated, a reproduction can be made of it and presented to the donor if he or she so wishes.


  • Contact the Department of Relics at the National Folk Museum of Korea at ☎ 031-580-5813.