• The National Folk Museum of Korea is assertively promoting images of Korea in overseas countries in line with the globalization trend and is currently introducing the Korean culture through installations of “Cultural Galleries of Korea” and offering venues for the education of Koreans living overseas in cooperation with other museums and diplomatic missions.

National Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw, Poland

(Korea Gallery, 02.2018)

Korean Cultural Center in Ussuriysk, Russia

(Korea Gallery, 12.2016)

National Museum of Arts in Belarus

(Korea Gallery, 05.2009 / 10.2010)

State Museum of Korean Minority of Yanbien(延邊), China

(Joseon Folklore Gallery, 07.2008)

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC

(Korea Gallery, 06.2007)

Bangladesh National Museum, Dhaka

(Korean Cultural Gallery, 12.2004)

Central State Museum in Almaty, Kazahkstan

(Korea Folk Culture Gallery, 11.2003)

Arseniev Museum in Vladivostok, Russia

(State Museum, 09.2002)

National Museum of Popular Culture, Mexico City, Mexico

(Cultural Museum, 11.2000)